The Confirmation program at North Waseca Lutheran, is for students in 7th and 8th grade. Students attend each Wednesday evening class where they complete another step in their faith formation. Most students have attended Sunday school through the years – the process of Confirmation is a time when they reflect and affirm their faith publicly.


What is confirming?


Confirming is:

-To give approval.

-To make firm or firmer, to affirm.

-To give new assurance of the validity of; remove douby by authoritative act or indisputable fact.


Through our program here at North Waseca Lutheran students cover all of these definitions--and then some. Students give new assurance and affirmation to their faith by completeing and gaining new understanding of the objectives below.


Objectives of Confirmation Program:

The student will be able to recite and /or understand in a fuller sense:

 - The Ten Commandments

 - The Apostles Creed

 - The study of Jesus Christ and his plan of salvation

 - The study of the both the Old and the New Testament.


During Confirmation, our congregation tries to help our students to grow in their faith and to make it firmer, to help them build a firm foundation of faith. Lastly we give our approval by accepting these youths as adult members of our congregation and give them validity through the confirmation service. We hope that our students will continue to build their faith on a solid foundation as they grow into adulthood.


 Everyone who hears these words of mine will be like the wise man who built his house upon the rock. Matthew 7:24.


The is the schedule for the upcoming 2019-2020 confirmation class Confirmation Sched.2019-2020.pdf. Updates and changes can be found on the church Calendar.


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