North Waseca Lutheran Church has helped to provide a foundation of faith to generations of people in Southern Minnesota. We have a number of education programs designed for children as young as preschool to senior citizens who are young at heart. Click on a specific program to learn more.

Sunday School

Sundays from 9:50 to 10:50

Sunday School is each Sunday from 9:50-10:50am during mid September through early May.  We use the Akaloo Sunday School curriculum.  The name Akaloo is inspired by the Greek word ακολουΘειν : akolouthein (“to follow”).  Jesus said to his disciples, “Follow me.”  Drop your nets.  A new life awaits you.  Akaloo’s faith foundation lessons are age-appropriate with five areas or units of discipleship:  Bible, God, Disciple, Church, and World.


Held Wednesday Evenings

The Confirmation program is for students in 7th and 8th grade. Students attend each Wednesday evening class where they complete the final two years of their formation of faith. Most students have attended Sunday school through the years – the process of Confirmation is a time when they reflect and affirm their faith.

Bible Study

Education for Adults

Adults Bible Study is held at various times throughout the year. For information about Bible Study, please contact us.

Vacation Bible School

Held during the summer

Vacation Bible School is held during the summer season. For information about  VBS, please contact us.

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